Enter a prison. This prison inhabits only one person. He is the head officer, the guard and also the prisoner. He will sell you the ticket in the entrance and you will enter his feverish mind.

K. is a site specific theatre fair, produced in 2009 by Clipa Theater in an old prison (nowadays a museum) in the heart of Jerusalem. The show is based on short novellas by Franz Kafka. In each cell in the prison a different show is played and together the chambers and corners of the prison compose a ghost train ride full with live images of dance, puppetry, circus and performing arts.

From the press:

“We have just watched a sexy dance between a (real) slice of bread in the shape of a lonely man and a piece of dough in the shape of a girl…” -Ynet

“A grotesque, amusing and revoking circus-like journey into the depths of the mind of this dark genius, who defined twentieth century’s reality perception” – Yediot Achronot

Director: Idit Herman

Scenery: Idit Herman, Dmitry Tolpanov, Orit Bergman

Outfits: Idit Herman, Lee Meir

Music: Dmitry Tolpanov, Dirk Kunsch, Yontan Kunda

Lights: Asi Gutsman