(a theatre) play with fire

 A halfway melted detective story leads us into the twilight zone between truth and the cover story. The plot line is set on fire, evidences are constantly transformed, and the detectives in the audience are allowed to suspect everything they see to be an illusion. The ancient Greek myth of stealing the fire from the gods is turned inside out while the new puppet theatre and fire circus interpretation creates the perfect alibi for the old criminal hero, Prometheus. A visual, musical and wordless show, where Fire opens its mouth and speaks.

Prometheus is Sixfingers Theatre production. It performed winter 2006-2007 in Tehdas Teatteri, and autumn 2009 in Wäinö Aaltosen Museo, Turku Finland.

Directing: Ishmael Falke

Play writing: Ishmael Falke & the group

Composing: Ishmael Falke & the group

Puppets and props: Elina Putkinen & Maiju Puupponen

Stage design: Johanna Latvala

Performers: Elina Putkinen, Maiju Puupponen & Ishmael Falke

Light design: Antti Helminen

Original music: Henri Kivistö