Hamlet – The Whole Truth

A site-specific, contemporary remix for the world’s most acted play. Created and performed in the Castle of Turku 29.9.2016 – 2.2.2017.

Hamlet – The Whole Truth takes the audience on a journey through the medieval part of the castle and at the same time through the labyrinth of Shakespeare’s play. This classic of all classics is being dissected by visual and physical stage hypothesis; what is true, what is a lie and what is pure madness?

Excerpts from the reviews:

“Ishmael Falke plays with death as the grave digger. His hand- and object theatre staggeringly and magically creates in front of the audience’s eyes the famous play-within-a-play of Hamlet. Believe it or not, but with a pair of skulls and hands one can perform orgiastic, unrestrained porno… Hamlet – The Whole Truth is undoubtedly one of Turku’s best theatre performances of this season.” – Irmeli Haapanen, Turun Sanomat

“Another highlight of the show takes place in Sturekyrkan, where the insanely skillful Ishmael Falke integrates two scenes in one sequence. The hand theatre play with skulls is brutal and accurate. The deep blasphemous character of the greed for power becomes evident in this room.” – Ann-Christine Snickars, Åbo Underrättelser

Directing: Ville Kurki

Script: Ville Kurki and the group

Performers-creators: Jaakko Ohtonen (actor), Sofia Molin (actress), Ishmael Falke (puppeteer), Markku Tuulenkari (stunt and actor), Janna Haavisto (circus artist) as well as many visitor performers.

Light design: Jarkko Forsman

Sound design: Kalle Terästö and Jarno Sakki

Director’s assistant: Petri Tuominen

Production: Grus Grus Teatteri