Carrots, Sticks & a Black Box

– A Guide for the Practice of Contemporary Puppet Theatre –

This is a book for everyone who is interested in both practice and theory of puppet theatre, whether they are truck drivers, accountants or already puppeteers. It presents the tools for practising this art, the different elements of puppet animation, the animation of spaces and discusses the borders of puppetry nowadays. The book combines many dozens of exercises with amusing anecdotes and reflecting thoughts about the work. In it’s own, personal way it sums the accumulated knowledge of contemporary puppetry over the last 10 years in Finland and some other countries. The book was published in two editions, in English and in Finnish.


Co-makers: illustrator Johanna Latvala, translator (in the Finnish edition) Maiju Tainio. 178 pages, soft cover. Carrots, Sticks and a Black Box – ISBN 978-952-92-9809-9. Keppi, Porkkana ja Musta Laatikko – ISBN 978-952-92-9808-2

Published 2011 by Sixfingers Theatre 

Second edition 2017 by Grus Grus Theatre

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