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I work as a puppeteer and performing artist, as well as a teacher. I’m interested in stories told by materials and spaces, in redefining the body, in contradictions, in the breaking down of old and familiar stories and in their reconstruction. My works were presented in various venues from national theatres to garbage cans, from Israel/Palestine to Finland, from Russia to Brazil.

If i would be a thief, i would sneak at night to your house, change the order of all furniture, pictures on the wall and household machines and leave without taking anything.

If i would be a farmer, i would plant tiny sprouts of baobab trees in the back trunk of your car, while you stop at my farm to buy potatoes.

If i would be an insurance salesman i would give you blank paper and ask for your signature. Then i will burn the paper and tell you that you are free to do whatever you want.

But i am a puppeteer and a performer, so i do it my way. In these pages you can see how.

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