Little Prince / Big Prince

A Double Sided Tale of Children and Adults

A group of adult theatre makers has processed Saint Exupery’s “The Little Prince” to the stage. On the way, a second performance evolved – the Big Prince. While the Little Prince presented contemporary theatre’s loyal interpretation (including circus, puppetry and physical acting) to the original text, it’s little-big brother became into what could not be shown and told to the kids. This time not because it would scare the kids, but because we the adults are too scared to see it. The theatre of adulthood – to whom do we perform the role of adults, why are we trying to look reasonable?

The project was done as a collaboration between Tehdas Teatteri and the City Theatre of Turku in 2012.

Read full review of the Little Prince in Turun Sanomat (in Finnish)

Read full review of the Big Prince in Turun Sanomat (in Finnish)

Director: Ville Kurki

Actors: Sofia Molin, Jaana Haavisto, Markku Tuulenkari and Ishmael Falke

Puppet design: Ishmael Falke and Tove Boysen

Puppet construction: Tove Boysen

Set design (Little Prince): Tommi Lindman

Sound design: Kalle Terästö

Light design: Jarkko Forsman

Video projection (Little Prince): Maarit Vaahteranoksa