Q2 – Futurum in Memoriam

A science fiction contemporary theatre piece that was created and performed in the botanical gardens in Turku, Finland 17.10.-4.12.2014

Confusing data is being sent to Earth from the Pyschobotanics research space station. The crew, who are developing a revolutionary system of extracting and preserving human consciousness, are suffering from strange symptoms and their reports are contradictive. What is happening out there? The performance puts a magnifying glass over the human request for immortality and questions our anthropocentric perception; is everything here really made just for us?


Read here (in Finnish) an article about the performance

Extracts from the review: “The Botanical gardens of Turku’s University make an excellent base for the research of human consciousness. (…) In fact the whole performance situation is a great insight to human consciousness. (…) The best part of my experience was the unpredictability, the fact that you never know what is going to happen next. (…) moving in the space, the spectator is constantly present and in interaction with the performers. (…) In spite of the demanding conditions, these experienced performers have created a set of convincing characters whose stories – as strange as they are – are very believable. (Annika Karhu, Turun Sanomat)

Read here (also in Finnish) the critic’s review


Dramaturgy – Sofia Molin, Ishmael Falke and Ville Kurki

Director – Ville Kurki

Performers – Janna Haavisto, Markku Tuulenkari, Taina Haavisto, Sofia Molin and Ishmael Falke

Light design – Jarkko Forsman

Sound design – Niklas Nybom

Technical assistant – Marcus Linden