Open Urban Animation Street School

19th to 23rd of May 2014 in Varissuo, Turku

We invite everybody who are interested in exploring the city and its physical and theatrical possibilities to join Livsmedel’s urban animation street school. It is a five day workshop, 5 hours per day. Each day is starting with a physical warm up and continues with urban animation exercises divided into different focus points.

the street school
Each day is departing out of a theme that intrigues us to look and approach the urban space in a different way. The work includes animation exersises as well as physical parcour inspired work and dramaturgical work in the urban space. Choose the day that intrigues your specific interest, join for the whole week or contact us below for more details of what each day will offer.

DAY 1: Urban bodies
DAY 2: Theatre as a street/street as a theatre
DAY 3: Hacking the visual code of the city
DAY 4: Directing the public space
DAY 5: Urban animation extravaganza

the daily warm up
Every day starts with our very special warm up Urbanistic Mind Body and Tail Training. We work for about 1,5 h with a very physical focus in the public space. The exercises collect inspiration from Body Weather (a form of Butho based dance training) Dance Improvisation, physical games and condition training. It includes play with and in the urban environment through exercises of body awareness, coordination, strength and endurance.

The workshop takes place on different locations in Varissuo from 10-15, monday 19th to friday 23rd of may. We meet every day in the morning just outside Varissuo library. Bring good and stable but light shoes and warm clothes that can take a bit of dirt, and an extra shirt for you who are sweaty sweaters.

The workshop is open for participants of all levels, interests and backgrounds. You can join one day of your choice or follow along the whole week. The workshop is offered for free but please tell us in advance if you are coming, by leaving a message to Ishmael Falke in 0505 606 316 or through this contact box below.