A theatre of consequences

Inevitable (FI: Väistämätön, SV: Oundviklig) is a time travel towards the ultimate question: is history something that happens to us as we sit on the bench and watch it happens, or is it something that we are part of creating?

The hundred years long trip is powered by chain reaction of objects from different eras. It is an object theater par excellence: an experience where objects themselves guide people into the secrets of history. Väistämätön – Oundviklig discusses the human experience of historical events, how we perceive the passage of time and the changes in life.

Inevitable had its premiere on November 5th, 2020 in the Forum Marinum museum, Turku.

From the reviews:

“There is something triumphant in a chain reaction that succeeds to work perfectely. As spectator one feels joy, a feeling which is pure, as if they were a child. (…) ‘Inevitable’ is the high point of the TIP-festival, a lyric and robust experience. Shakingly refreshing .” -Ann-Christine Snickars, Åbo Underrättelser

“‘Inevitable’ is an obejct theatre brought to a new level. (…) Time literally runs out, and gives the show two interesting features: first, one can watch ‘Inevitable’ easily several times, and second – from every show one would get a unique personal experience of the senses. (…) Because the space is cold, audience get a warm water bottle to hug. A warm hug is a suitable description for the whole show, because more than anything else ‘Inevitable’ makes one happy. One gets a feeling that she/he is a part of something human bigger than oneself, traces and memories, with which one can place themselves on the flow of time and to connect both the personal and the collective realities.” -Frida Maria Pessi, Turun Sanomat

“The genius Ishmael Falke has developed and directed with his group in the Forum Marinum museum a breath taking, enchanting and mad show (…) The show could be probably watched a hundred times and still for every time there would be a new thing to see, understand and admire.” -Katri Leikola, Paljon melua teatterista

“We follow the chain reactions non-stop, breathing, laughing, the joy is contagious and its intensity grows. In every spectator’s mind a personal mechanism ticks (…) ‘Inevitable’ shows, that even a quick glance at a well chosen composition of objects is enough to depict in one’s mind an era with its values, habits and events. (…) What is that eventually makes ‘Inevitable ‘ so charming? First of all, it builds moments full of wonder, joy and playfulness.” -Yönkukkujan sekalaiset

“Grus Grus Theater offers a magical time travel with a serious undertone (…) Comfortably confusing (…) The whole set-up shakes old memories into life and speeds up associations of the mind (…) The whole piece is paradoxically powerful (…) Grus Grus Theater has become a promise of a brave, fascinating surprise. With the performance Inevitable, that promise is fulfilled once again!” – Bianca Gräsbeck, Ny tid

The team

Concept and directing: Ishmael Falke

Performers: over 300 objects and a few people

Scenography: Johanna Latvala

Light design: Jarkko Forsman

Sound design: Niklas Nybom

Creative technicians: Sandrina Lindgren and Janna Haavisto

Dramaturgy: Ville Kurki

Artistic consult: Sofia Molin

Graphic design: Jussi Virkkumaa

Marketing and communication: Pia Puustelli

Production: Grus Grus Teatteri