Shadow Cabinet / Yöväenteatteri

Night-time history is different than day-time history. In this performative, community based project local identity and past stories are being reanimated and discussed through the shadows of the urban space. The performance is always site-specific, a nightly promenade where different shadow locations become stages for different scenes. We work with communities within the margins of society and highlight the darker narrative, issues that are left in the shadow of the commonly discussed consensus.

Shadow Cabinet / Yöväenteatteri is a series of projects realized with different communities.  The first project was made in Mynämäki, Finland with a group of ex-Karelian people. Creating a performative juxtapostion between the Karelians who have lost their homes during the Finnish-Russian wars and the refugees arriving nowadays in Finland, we wished to extend the national memory – and compassion from the past to the present. The Mynämäki project was produced as a collaboration between Livsmedlet theatre and Kone foundation’s Saari residence.