A techno-shamanistic journey to the legendary world of news


(performance is in finnish) Ticket reservations: 050 412 2344


Päivänpolttaja tells the story of a talk-radio host that gets a Jerusalem syndrome – believes that he is the messiah and that he has found a way to the ether, a limbo where news are born. What kind of world is on the other side the screen?

The radio host wanders through Kafka-like surrealist landscapes, metamorphoses and finally arrives at the burning point where our collective subconsciousness is forged into headlines, the ground zero where objective truth turns to scenery and scenery into truth. Päivänpolttaja is his techno-shamanistic travelogue, but at the same time it is a loyal allegory for our yearning for an absolute truth and the truths dictating machinery we have built – the media. In Päivänpolttaja we test the bonding surface between reality and news – will that seam last?

This is a unique contemporary puppetry and performance art piece, where animated objects’ magic meets with a live news broadcasting and a live music show, and where the political message is interlaced with strong, mind striking images.

Script & directing: Ishmael Falke

Actor: Toni Kandelin

Puppets and stage: Jessica Kangasniemi

Original music: Kolmas ilmestys!

Sound design: Niklas Nybom

Light design: Jarkko Forsman

Recorded voices: Lauri Rautiainen, Eija Talo-Oksala, Niklas Nybom & Toni Kandelin.

A joint production with Tehdas Teatteri.